A Quick Tour of Barbados

Trying to decide on your next luxury vacation spot? Look no further than Barbados!

Here’s a crash course in Bajan geography to pique your interest.

Barbados is divided into 11 parishes. Casablanca is nestled in St. James County on the west side of the island, right on the Old Nine golf course. It is part of the elegant Sandy Lane Estates.

About 50 percent of the island has been developed into small villages and towns. There are four major cities in Barbados and a population of 287,500 on the island.

Bridgetown is the most populated area of Barbados, with about 95,000 residents. It features a lively downtown with plenty of restaurants and shops. If you’re a cricket fan, head over to the Kensington Oval for a tour of the stadium. You might even catch a cricket game.

The city of Warrens is a professional and commercial hub of Barbados, with banks, businesses and more. It is easily accessible from Casablanca, only a 10-minute drive.

Holetown is another gem of a city. With its 1,600 residents, Holetown offers the vibrancy of a city with the warmth of a small village. If you love shopping, head over to the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre that features luxury brands like Bvlgari, Burberry, Cartier, Gucci, and Michael Kors. There are also other amenities like movie theatres and restaurants.

blankIt takes about half an hour to arrive at Casablanca from the airport near Bridgetown, which is on the southeast part of the island. As you take in your first glimpses of Barbados on the drive, be sure to watch the scenery blend seamlessly from villages to forest to sea-side views.

Once you’re at Casablanca, you’ll be within 10 minutes of all the major Bajan attractions. Holetown is only 3km away, great restaurants are within walking distance, and Casablanca is directly in the middle of Sandy Lane Estates. This means you can be at the beach in minutes, relaxing in a cabana and soaking up the sun.

The rest of the island is divided into forests and farmland.

Twelve percent of the island consists of lush tropical forests ripe for exploring. Watch for wildlife, including green monkeys, tortoises, and countless butterfly species, including the White Peacock Butterfly. Take in the gorgeous scenery with its coconut palms, peacock flowers, and desert roses, and snap some pictures to take home with you.

Our gardener at Casablanca is an expert on all things green and growing. Ask for a tour of our immaculate garden to learn more about the local flora and fauna. Or kick back your feet and relax in a hammock outside. Don’t forget to look for the Pride of Barbados, the Bajan national flower!

Barbados is also home to plenty of farmland. About 37 percent of the island is dedicated to growing sugar cane, cotton, and various vegetables.

You can explore all the towns Barbados has to offer, get caught up in the local wildlife and plant life, or check out all the major Bajan attractions a short distance from Casablanca. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll have a luxury vacation you’ll never forget.

Ask our staff for their favourite destinations on the island, or let us help you plan your trip to Barbados.

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