Art and Culture: Barbados

Your vacation at Casablanca will be full of sun, luxury, and afternoons spent by the sparkling infinity pool. But when you venture outside of the Villa, you’ll get to explore even more of the beauty of Barbados. And what’s more beautiful than tapping into the culture of the island you’re visiting?

Barbados has a rich culture that is a blend of West African and British traditions. Keep reading to find out about what makes Barbados such a unique and lively place to visit!

blankTuk Band

Tuk band is a traditional Bajan form of music that consists of African drumming rhythms and a fusion of other musical styles (like marching band) during colonial times. Bass drums, snare drums, and kettle drums feature in tuk band.

The music is lively and heavily percussive. Tuk bands usually perform at major Bajan festivals. Our concierge at Casablanca will help you book tickets or give you directions to a festival going on during your stay.


Dance is an important part of Bajan culture, and it’s a popular way to stay active and have fun. African dance, contemporary dance, jazz, ballet, freeform, tap, and more dance types are available to participate in and watch during your stay on the island.

Try out African dance through a workshop, or stop in at Oistins, a historic fishing and market village in Barbados, for their Friday Night Fish Fry. The fish fry features open air ballroom dancing where locals and tourists alike are welcome to join.


The music scene in Barbados is rich and vibrant. You’ll hear calypso, reggae, jazz, soca, dancehall, and spouge styles across the island. Of course, steel pan drums and tuk bands can be heard throughout the year, and other musical styles are featured heavily at season festivals.

Stop in at local concert halls around the island to hear some local tunes. Our concierge can let you know where some of the best places are.


If you’re lucky enough to visit the island over the summer months, you may have the opportunity to attend Crop Over — the biggest Bajan festival. This festival celebrates the end of the harvest period, and it features elaborate harvest-themed costumes, a Crop King and Queen, and a parade filled with soca and calypso music.

Another music-focussed festival is Reggae Festival that takes place every April. It features a variety of different shows at different locations across the island: there’s a beach party in Pirate’s Cove, a show at the Kensington Oval, and even a leg of the festival on a luxury yacht.

For something completely different, take in the Barbados Food and Rum Festival that takes place in mid-October. It’s a week-long festival with cookoffs, demonstrations by internationally renowned chefs and mixologists, and lots of delicious foods to sample (even 5-star dinners!).

Barbados is an island rich with culture, and our concierge team at Casablanca is here to help you book experiences that will reflect your dream vacation and give you a taste of Bajan culture.

Whether you’re looking for a more involved itinerary or a day trip here or there, our concierge team will make sure you have the vacation of your dreams.