Balancing Work and Paradise

Vacation is all about kicking back your feet, sinking your toes into sun-kissed sand, and letting your worries drift away — or so I thought.

I used to leave my laptop and phone at home, hop on an airplace, and spend a few weeks unplugged from the rest of the world.

Today, the reality is very different. I can’t send my collegues a little cartoon of a person relaxing on the beach anymore and tell them that I will be unplugged for a few weeks. I need to stay connected to my team.

At first I thought this would mean giving up my dream vacation, but then I realized I just needed to find the happy medium between work and play. I can still have my beach time, as long as I have access to a few must-haves.

My must haves for working on vacation

High-speed wifi

    • Casablanca offers a fast and reliable internet connection so you can hold virtual conferences, complete Zoom calls, and send documents back to your team. And you can do it all from tropical paradise!


Good cell service

    • Your cell phone will have a realiable connection at Casablanca, and you will be able to take calls whenever you need to.


A private space for video conferencing and phone calls

    • Casablanca has over 9000 square feet of space in the main Villa and guest cottage. If you just need to step away for a second, there are five private bedrooms in the Villa where you can make a phone call or contact your work as well as several living and dining room spaces.
    • If you’re looking for additional privacy, head over to the Villa’s guest cottage. It is detatched from the main Villa and can offer that extra degree of separation you’re looking for.


A dedicated workspace

    • Casablanca has many spaces available for work. Our media room has desks and chairs available, and you can close the doors to keep family and friends from distracting you. Additionally, the Villa is located on a two-acre lot, so if you’re craving some sunshine, you can even conduct your business outside.


A printer

    • Casablanca has a printer in the Villa for all your work needs.


Large screens for video calling

    • The Villa has Smart TV’s to make your work easier and stress-free. The cottage living room is equipped for Zoom and video conferencing, and there are more Smart TV’s throughout the Villa.

My dream list

Access to refreshments and snacks on demand

    • Our chef can prepare whatever you’re craving, whether that’s traditional Bajan cuisine, a bowl of comforting mac and cheese, or simply a cup of coffee. Let our staff know what you need, and we will do our very best to provide it for you.


Watch or join in on the fun

    • Our versatile outdoor spaces, such as the gazebo and veranhads allow you to plug away at your work while you watch your family or friends splash in the pool. And if you need a break, you’re two steps away from fun.


Access to newspapers and magazines

    • At Casablanca, you have access to PressReader, an app that allows you to download any newspapers and magazines you might need.

Casablanca checks all the boxes. The staff are here to give you a memorable and relaxing vacation, while allowing access to a high speed internet connection, Smart TV’s, and private workspaces. It’s never been easier to balance work and travel at Casablanca.