Casablanca is a magical place rich in unique experiences made special by the people through their work, their attitude and personality. While you will be living on the villa, our team will make sure you are pampered and your vacation is exceptional. The size of the team depends on the number of guests. But all rentals include the presence of a butler, a chef, a housekeeper and a gardener.

Eating at the villa

After tasting and seeing the excellent food prepared by our Chef, most people choose to eat at the Villa every night. Don’t forget to ask him about the Island’s specialties. Enjoy a personalized menu every day!

Owner’s favourites: For your inner child, the Bajan macaroni pie is always a winner! For the adults, ask our Chef to grill a local fish, freshness and deliciousness are guaranteed!

Interesting fact: In Barbados, Barracudas are quite popular both as game fish and food. It is quite safe to eat fish that are caught just off the coast of Barbados.

A few tips: Before your arrival,

  • Let us know if you have any food intolerance.
  • Let us know what would like to eat upon your arrival… no needs to worry after a long day of traveling!
  • Make a list of the food and drinks that you would like to have in the fridge and the pantry.
  • Send us the names of your favourite cocktails.
  • Let us know if you are planning a special occasion.

After your arrival, the Chef and our team will be happy to discuss the menu with you and personalize every aspect of your meals.

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Beach Club

Casablanca is part of the Sandy Lane Estate Beach Club, located less than 5
minutes away, which gives you access to an exclusive beach with your very own and private cabana.

Find out more about the beach club!

Business meetings
& Corporate events

Enjoy the beauty and warmth of Barbados while conducting business! The privacy of the Villa and discretion of our staff makes Casablanca a perfect spot to organize corporate events.

The Villa is equipped with

  • WiFi
  • Printer
  • Smart TVs

Our 5 meter table under the gazebo is the perfect location to organize a corporate meeting. The fully equipped tables under our two covered patios will allow you to organize more private gatherings, while our two lounges, the bar and the media room will serve as a perfect place to extend discussions or organize brain storming sessions.

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Wedding & Parties

With its idyllic Bajan garden, Villa Casablanca is the perfect place to hold a party or a wedding. If you are planning a party, our team will be glad to help you.
The guests are invited to follow the policies regarding the furniture, drug use (which is prohibited) and the pool. We ask that all guests act civilly.

If you are planning a party, we should be advised before your arrival. Let us know if particular elements to decorate or entertain are needed.

For guests who are not registered at the Villa, please advise us before your arrival. No improvised party with non-registered guests is permitted. A party fee will be applied and all extras will be charged to the rental guests. The registered guests will be held responsible for the damages caused by their guests, if any.