Exploring the Barbados Rum Scene

blankWhat’s better than kicking back, relaxing beside a 20-meter-long infinity pool, and soaking up some Bajan sun? Doing all that while you sip delicious Caribbean rum!

Barbados has a rich history of rum production, and rum has been produced on the island for over 350 years. In fact, Barbados is considered to be the birthplace of Caribbean rum. Hundreds of years of rum production means that Barbadians has perfected its rum, and Bajan rum is often considered the smoothest and strongest in the world. Compared to other Caribbean rums, Bajan rum is often darker, due to the high molasses content and use of pot stills. Additionally, rum produced in Barbados doesn’t have any added sugar, and it follows a distinctly British style.

Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum brand in the world, and you can discover the magic of the Bajan distillery with a tour, rum flight tasting experience, cocktail masterclass, and more. Our concierge staff are happy to book a tour or package for you.

blankAnother rum attraction is the Heritage Railway at St. Nicholas Abbey. A steam locomotive weaves through the plantation and lets guests see all the attractions at St. Nicholas Abbey. For a more private tour, consider booking the Rum Experience Tour, which includes a ride on the train, a guided tour with owner Larry Warren, and a rum tasting.

Other rum distilleries on the island include Foursquare rum distillery, The West Indies Rum Distillery, and St. Nicholas Abbey.

There are many varieties of rum made in Barbados that you can sample during your stay. Some rum produced on the island includes spiced rum, coconut rum, gold rum, silver rum, vanilla rum, and more. Top Bajan rums include The Equiano Rum Co’s Original Limited Batch 02 Rum, Plantation’s 20th Anniversary XO Extra Old Aged Rum, and Mount Gay’s XO Triple Cask Blend Rum.

During your stay in Barbados, our concierge staff and butler can arrange for rum tasting right at the Villa, for your ease and convenience. The chef at Casablanca, Darek Corbin, teamed up with renowned mixologist, David Barker, to cultivate the perfect rum tasting menu so you can fully appreciate Bajan rum.

Our chef can also whip up traditional dishes that include Bajan rum, and he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve for including rum in other dishes as well.

blankMany traditional drinks and foods in Barbados include rum. And you can’t call your stay in Barbados complete until you’ve sampled its world-famous rum punch! With lime juice, simple syrup, passion fruit juice, a dash of nutmeg, and Bajan rum (of course!), the punch is a delicious way to end any day. Sip the punch while watching the sunset, by the beach, or in the comfort of the Villa.

If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth, try Black Cake, a traditional Bajan fruitcake that features dried fruit like raisins, prunes, and cherries that have been soaked in rum.

If you’re traveling to Barbados in October, make sure to check out the Rum and Food Festival while you’re on the island! The festival features local and international chefs of the finest culinary talent. Each year features a different theme that brings the culinary festival to life. Attend for music, workshops, cook offs, and of course, plenty of delicious food. This year, chefs attending include Chef Renee Blackman, Chef Anne Burrell, Chef Shelina Permalloo, and Chef Juan Diego Vanegas.

Experience all this and more during your stay at Casablanca. Get ready for the ultimate Bajan vacation! Make sure to book your spot at Casablanca early. Spots fill up fast and you don’t want to miss out on the vacation of a lifetime!

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