Lot 30, South Road
Sandy Lane
St. James, BB24011

Branches and ATM of First Caribbean Internatitional, CIBC, RBTT, Royal Bank of Canada and Barbados Natitional Bank are located in nearby Holetown.

Banking hours are:
Monday – Thursday: 8AM – 3PM
Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Closed on weekends

Tel: +1 246 430-7800

Tel: +1 246 429-3550

Tel: +1 246 436-4950

The Barbados Dollar is tied to the U.S. Dollar and is currently valued at $2.00 BBD = $1.00 USD. U.S. currency is readily accepted island-wide.

The attire on the island is generally casual. If you are in a restaurant, shorts are accepted during the day, but shirts and trousers are recommended for the evening (apart from special formal occasions). Please be aware that swimsuits and bare feet in public places are frowned upon and that wearing military and camouflage clothes is prohibited.

All types of drugs are absolutely forbidden on the property. Some tourists assume that Barbados is pretty laid-back about the consumption of marijuana and other drugs. We ask you to keep in mind that Barbados has extremely strict laws when it comes to drugs. You must be aware that fines and jail time for possession and use of illicit drugs are enforced against tourists and locals alike, if caught. It’s really not worth it.

The main supply in Barbados is 110 volts 50 Hz with U.S. plugs and sockets. For the convenience of overseas guests, please feel free to borrow adapters from our Butler, who will also show you where you can find torches in case of a power outage. Once again, in order to conserve energy and the sustainability of our beautiful island, we advise our guests to turn off all electrical equipment when not in use. We also ask our guests to refrain from constantly opening the fridges, which creates an overuse of the compressors and could compromise food preservation.

We are very proud of the Villa and its content. The soft fabrics of the furniture are part of its peaceful and luxurious character and we deeply care for its continuous beauty. Therefore, we ask our valued guests not to sit on the soft fabric when wearing wet swimwear.

Please be aware that sun tanning oils and lotions, as well as after-sun haircare product can damage fabrics, sheets and towels. Should the fabric be impossible to clean, we shall have no other choice but to charge the replacement cost of the fabric.

We wish to remind our guests to refrain from standing or jumping on the furniture (children and adults alike!). Guests will have to pay for damages.
Please also note that the lounge chairs are equipped with very comfortable cushions. Please do not put them directly on the ground. Our Butler will provide you with a mat to protect the cushions.

Unlike hotels, there is no service charge added to the accommodation costs. Tips are therefore left to our guests’ discretion. If you wish to reward our staffs’ excellent service, you will find envelopes for that specific purpose in the desk by the stairs.

The green monkeys are found all around the island of Barbados. These furry creatures are very cute to look at, but you must not treat them as domesticated pets. Please do NOT feed the monkeys.

Welchman Hall Gully and Barbados Wildlife Reserve have monkey feeding programmes popular for viewing monkeys close-ups. You can visit these sites or join an island tour that includes a stop there.

  • Use equipment at your own risk.
  • Management assumes no responsibility for any injuries that may occur.
  • Please follow equipment directions carefully.
  • Please only use equipment if you are in proper health condition to do so.
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn all the times. No sandals or flip-flops.
  • No food, alcohol, glass containers, smoking or horseplay permitted in this facility.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Equipment is design for people weighing up to 300 pounds.
  • Please report faulty or damage equipment to the butler or property manager immediately.

Housekeeping will pick up your laundry from your room and will get it back within 2 days. Pure silk and other valuable items should be brought to the attention of the housekeeper, as they usually should be treated by a dry-cleaner. If you are missing one or several items, please let the housekeeper know immediately, as items can occasionally get mixed up with those of other resident guests.

A 24-hour clinic is located at Sandy Crest Medical Centre, in Sunset Crest, Holetown, St. James.
Tel: +1 246 419-4911

You will not find dangerous snakes, animals or insects in Barbados. However mosquitoe and sand fly bites can be itchy and unpleasant, especially if you are allergic to them. We do our best to control their population through regular treatments of the property. Despite our efforts, we can never completely eliminate mosquitoes and therefore we advise our guests to use insect repellents, especially in the late afternoon and early evening.  Centipedes are scarce, but if you do see one, please avoid it, as their bite is quite painful.

blankPlease do not put anything in your mouth unless you are quite sure it is safe to eat! Some tropical plants and fruit are extremely poisonous!

Beware! Manchineel apples
Do not touch the small green Manchineel apples, found on many west coast beaches. They are poisonous and will cause your skin to blister. Please NEVER take shelter under a Manchineel tree when it rains, as the drips can cause blisters.

Beware! Sea urchins
When swimming, be careful of the spiky sea urchins found on the reefs. Stepping on them can be quite painful for a few days.

In order to keep the pool area clean and safe, we ask our guests to refrain from using glass or bottles in and around the water. Please be very careful when walking around the pool and the terrace, which can become very slippery when wet, and note that there is no lifeguard on duty.

Barbados boasts a relatively low crime rate. We rely on our guests to take sensible precautions to discourage theft, and ask that you are aware of and adhere to the following security guidelines. For the safety of all our guests, the property is monitored by Innovative Security Services. The Villa is also equipped with state-of-the-art safes. We strongly recommend that you keep your valuables stored in those safes. We also ask our guests to refrain from allowing any strangers into the house or on the patio. When you leave the Villa, please ensure that all the doors are locked. When you visit the surrounding areas, please do not to leave valuables (small electronics, cameras, smart devices, etc.) unattended in your car or on the beach.

Standards of hygiene: A private chef and a trusted staff result in higher hygiene standards that are also much easier to manage. Be in a small controlled environment compared to a hotel means that you will be less exposed to bacteria and illnesses. We want you to return home safe and healthy.

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the Villa. Our Butler can let you know where the designated smoking areas are located on the property. Please never dispose of any cigarettes or matches in the garden. Smoking in the Villa could result in a $500 USD fee.

Please beware, as our sun is more potent than most people realize. We advise our guests to be especially careful in the first few days, particularly between noon and 2PM. We urge you to use sufficient quantities of high protection factor sunscreen to avoid painful sunburns.

Because the world is more and more populated and chemicals are more and more present in the water, water treatment and water safety are becoming a growing global concern. However, there are places on Earth that benefit from a natural filtration system, thanks to some unique geographical properties. Among them is the Caribbean island of Barbados, where coral limestone works as a perfect natural water filter. When you drink water in Barbados, you can be sure that it is one of the best in the world. It is even one of the reasons why the island’ produces such excellent rum!