Holidays at Barbados

Are you ready for the perfect holiday? Spend Christmas with your family in Barbados, in the gorgeous Casablanca Villa! Instead of a White Christmas, you’ll experience white sand beaches and crystal blue waters.

With beautiful festive decorations, staff ready to personalize your holiday stay, and quick access to the beach and pool, your holiday vacation in Barbados will be absolutely picture perfect. You’ll be able to put your feet up and bask in tropical paradise while you experience all the festive joy of the holidays. What could be better?

Our concierge will help organize a holiday celebration just for you. Whether you’re looking for a cozy celebration or an opportunity to dress to the nines, our staff will make it happen. Some guests choose to bring their gifts in advance, but our concierge can also help find last-minute gifts for you. Just keep in mind that Amazon doesn’t do same day delivery!

blankIf you’re up for some exploring, you can check out the many festivities around the island. And you won’t have to bundle up to do so! Instead of dealing with rain or snow, December temperatures in Barbados average 29C during the day and drop to about 23C at night.

Check out Carols by Candlelight, held every year at Ilaro Court, the official residence of the Bajan prime minister. Or drive around the island at night to see all the festive lights, colours, and decorated trees. Many residents go the extra mile to decorate their homes during the festive season and will even give their homes a new coat of paint to provide a brighter pop of colour. There are also Christmas Markets to check out during your stay. Holder’s Farmers Market or Brighton Farmers Market are good options!

There are also plenty of holiday activities to do at the Villa. Play some family board games in the media room, float in the pool on Christmas Eve, and dance under the stars in the Villa gazebo on New Year’s Eve! The options are endless.

Our chef can customize a Christmas menu to fit your tastes and preferences and bring your favourite holiday dishes to the table. Or if you’re interested in trying new flavours, he can cook up a meal with traditional Bajan flair. Macaroni pie, Jug Jug, pinapple and cherry glazed ham, and black cake (a type of fruit cake soaked with Bajan rum) are often served at Christmas dinner in Barbados.

On Christmas Day, Bajans usually attend church in the morning before celebrating in the evening. Boxing Day features the annual Boxing Day Races at Garrison Savannah Racecourse. And for New Year’s Eve, most festivities happen on the beach, often with fireworks. There are also other black-tie events happening across the island if you’re looking for something with a bit more glitz and glamour.

Wherever you choose to be for New Year’s Eve, make sure you sample Sorrel, a traditional Christmas drink in Barbados made with dried sorrel, cloves, orange zest, fresh ginger, sugar and water (and a splash of Bajan rum!). Punch-A-Cream, an eggnog-like drink, is another favourite. If you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, try a Tiger Malt.

Your holiday stay at Casablanca will be an experience you never forget. Spend Christmas with your loved ones in the Bajan sun.