Sports in Barbados

Casablanca is the perfect spot to get in the competitive spirit. Roll up your sleeves, grab a few friends or family members, pick up a racquet, and play!

Some popular sports played around the island include cricket, golf, tennis, and even road tennis — a variation of the game that was invented in Barbados.

Road Tennis

In road tennis, an outline of a tennis court is drawn directly on a road or pavement and an 8-inch wooden net sits in the centre of the court. The sport first originated in 1930 with Lance Bynoe. The game was first invented to give impoverished communities a chance to play tennis, and since then, the game has evolved into a popular and competitive Bajan sport!


Cricket is the national sport of Barbados, and Barbadians are very passionate about the game. Barbados even hosted the Cricket World Cup in 2007. Visit the Kensington Oval to take in an international Test Match or One-Day game, and keep an eye out around the island — you’ll probably see at least one friendly cricket game being played on the beach or in an open field!


Casablanca is located on the Old Nine Golf Course, the oldest golf course in Sandy Lane, so guests at the Villa can play a game of golf in Bajan paradise. Whether you’re golfing for fun or some more serious competition, you’ll be able to experience that at the Old Nine Golf Course. And if golfing isn’t your thing, you can walk the golf course and take in the scenery on a walking trail accessible from Casablanca.


This sport is taking off worldwide, and Casablanca has its very own pickleball court on the grounds of the Villa! Test your hand-eye coordination in the sport that combines elements from tennis, ping pong, and badminton. Grab your friends and family for a few games, and afterwards, relax by the pool with a cocktail in hand to top off the day.

Horse Riding

Explore the island on horseback and experience the beaches and nature at a different pace. Barbados has many riding centres that offer lessons and tours for any experience level. You’ll be able to take in gorgeous beaches, tropical countryside, and scenic spots off the beaten path on these rides.

Football (Soccer)

Football is very popular in Barbados, one of the most popular sports on the island, and there are a variety of football leagues for players of all ages. You might even spot a few friendly games being played in open fields around the island. If watching football is more your speed, you can watch games on the television at the Villa or spend an evening in a sports’ bar.

Other popular sports in Barbados include rugby, basketball, athletics and volleyball.

Our concierge at Casablanca can help you plan and book sports related activities during your stay at Casablanca. We’ll ensure that your vacation dreams become a reality.


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