Home away from home

When you stay at Casablanca, you'll have a more personalized experience than staying at a hotel. Our staff take the time to get to know you and make you feel truly at home.

"We have enjoyed the holiday of a lifetime in Barbados. The best part, of course, was our time at Casablanca. To the staff we say an emotional thank you. You made our holiday! We will never forget our time with you and how you took care of us. You were amazing!"

--Marcelle, Paddy, and family

"We have been made welcome in a way that only a Bajan family could do. Yes, the staff are a family! No words are good enough to explain just how enjoyable these last two weeks have been...I am just so glad that I chose Villa Casablanca with its incredible beauty, but more than that, a staff who more than reflected the beauty of the Villa itself."


"The staff largely contributed to making our stay a successful and enjoyable experience: the excellent dishes that the chef has cooked for us, the butler's personalized service, and the attentions of the housekeepers."

--Jean-Sebastien and family

"The staff did not miss a thing in making our stay simply perfect and Casablanca was outstanding in everything it has to offer."

--The Gunell family