The Natural Wonders of Barbados

Looking for an adventure on your next vacation? Barbados has you covered. There’s more to our beautiful island than delicious rum and sunny skies. Tour Barbados and experience natural wonders that will astound you!

Barbados is the only non-volcanic island in the Caribbean. The pear-shaped island is formed out of the top of a limestone mountain, mostly submerged underwater.

The limestone naturally filters the water on Barbados for a result that is pure and perfect for drinking. In fact, the naturally filtered water gives Bajan rum an extra shot of flavour.

Tour one of the most famous caves in Barbados: Harrison’s Cave! The limestone cave features flowing streams, waterfalls and growing stalagmites.

If you’re looking to do some hiking, head over to the mountainous center of Barbados. The highest point in all of Barbados is Mount Hillaby. You can capture stunning views of the island and experience nature at its finest.

For more natural wonders, check out the Baobab trees on the island. One is located in Warrens, St. Michael, and the second one is in Queen’s Park, Bridgetown. These massive trees have the biggest trunks on the island, and maybe even in the whole Caribbean. The larger tree in Bridgetown is 55 feet across in circumference. Don’t forget to take pictures!

blankBarbados has all the ocean fun you’ve been craving. Can’t decide if you want to swim in calm relaxing water or get your heart pumping with fantastic waves? Barbados has it all! The eastern side of the island is fed by the water from the North Atlantic Ocean, resulting in rough seas with lots of crashing waves. Try your hand at kitesurfing, windsurfing, and even good old-fashioned surfing. The west side, also known as the “platinum coast” because of the beautiful beaches and sparkling water, has soft, lulling waves perfect for snorkelling and sunbathing. Check out Sandy Lane Estates Beach, bask under the mahogany trees, and splash in the calm waves.

Cloud watching is the perfect beach pastime. Check out the cloud observation centre in Barbados to learn about different types of clouds. Or, watch the sunset over the infinity pool at Casablanca, and pull out the Skyview app to track constellations as they become visible. You can also visit the Harry Bayley Observatory for picture-perfect views of the night sky through their Meade telescope.

For a fishing adventure, check out Billfisher III. Swim or snorkel over shipwrecks and catch fish for a tasty BBQ meal!

These attractions are all close to our Villa at Casablanca. If you’re craving a slower pace in your own backyard, have our gardener give you a tour of our gorgeous Villa garden, full of native Bajan plants.

Barbados is located just north of the equator, and temperatures range from 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit (27-30 degrees Celsius) for most of the year, resulting in a moderate tropical climate.  December and May are the dry months in Barbados, or the Bajan “winter,” and the summer or the wet season runs from June until November.

Barbados has adventures for the whole family. Enjoy the scenery, explore hidden corners of the island, and experience the natural wonders that make Barbados unique.